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Rod Combs

Heritage Construction Company, Ltd.

Honesty, Integrity and Quality Workmanship

It's all about the customer!

Profitability is necessary for any business to be successful. However to be successful long term, referrals and repeat business are essential. The only way to attain profitability and long term success is managing the customers expectations and leaving them with with a home enhancement providing both immediate pleasure and long term enjoyment.  

How do we do this?
We start by asking why, not what. When we better understand the objective, we can better bring your vision to fruition. Seldom are visions clear cut and without options. Therefore it is the norm that we provide numerous options with related cost for each project for consideration. 

In the customers time decisions are made, firm costs with firm commencement and completion dates committed to and expectations met. We take on one job at a time and I'm on site, on the job every day. This provides the efficiency that leads to meet expectations in time, cost and quality.